Aims of the Roman Theological Forum

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  1. To promote Catholic theology consistently in keeping with the authentic Magisterium of the Church, including the role of Our Lady in the Church.

  2. To promote a concept of science, including historical science, philosophical science, and theological science, based on a realist metaphysics and which is thoroughly aware of its own scientific medium of thought.

  3. To foster an historical method based upon clear concepts and aimed at the whole of reality, both natural and supernatural.

  4. To promote an approach to Divine Revelation which includes both the historical reality of the deeds and words recorded in Sacred Scripture and their transhistorical truth.

  5. To promote a neo-Patristic approach to Sacred Scripture, that is, an updated method of interpretation, rooted faithfully in the perennial tradition of the Fathers of the Church, which takes into account the Four Senses of the Inspired Word of God (cf. the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 115-119) and which upholds its complete inerrancy.

  6. To promote in general the method and teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas, and, as regards Sacred Scripture, including the metaphysical dimension of his teachings.

  7. To analyze for both positive and negative content from a Catholic and Thomist point of view the outlook of "modern man" by means of thoroughgoing critiques of the philosophical and theological works that have produced it.

  8. In all Christian charity to restore Catholic apologetics to its pristine vigor.

  9. To update and promote the best Catholic manuals of philosophy and theology.

  10. To approach the study of liturgical reform from a viewpoint that is fully in keeping with the latreutic and mystical dimensions of Catholic liturgical tradition.
Further information:

Living Tradition, No. 21 - Jan 1989 Declaration of Purpose of the Roman Theological Forum  by John F. McCarthy
Living Tradition, No. 69 - Mar 1997 The Aims of the Roman Theological Forum Restated  by John F. McCarthy

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